Horseback Riding Lessons

       at Pedicord Stables

The Pedicord Stables horseback riding lesson program strives to develop well-rounded and capable riders of all ages.

We believe in teaching students about all aspects of horses and their care, wanting each student to feel comfortable and confident. We generally only offer private riding lessons, and the standard starting age is six years.

At Pedicord you will learn about horse care, safety, handling on the ground, and using effective communication with your horse to become a well-balanced rider.

We want to see our riders become their best, while enjoying a relaxed environment.

1-hour private lesson - - - $70
Package of 4 lessons - - - $265

1-hour semi-private lesson - - - - - - - - - -$60
Package of 4 semi-private lessons - - - $225

Please contact our instructors at for current availability.