Horse Boarding in Littleton

       at Pedicord Stables

Pedicord Stables is unique in providing the uncrowded space your horse needs.  

For every horse boarding at Pedicord Stables, the following is provided:

  • an approximate 12’ x 12’ box stall with mats in a horse barn
  • unlimited access to an assigned turnout (used by 1-3 horses, depending on size of area)  
  • a tack closet that can be locked
  • a hay storage space
  • the use of a large outdoor arena and two round pens.

Being a self-care facility, each boarder is responsible for:

  • his/her own tack, shavings and hay (and other grains, if used)
  • daily care and feeding of his/her horse
  • any of the horse’s needed medical and farrier care
  • cleaning of the assigned stall and turnout area.
  • monthly boarding cost of $335
  • trailer parking $35 per month

One of the most unique and valuable features of Pedicord Stables is that your horse “gets to be a horse” in the assigned turnout area, an area that is not overcrowded and that provides ample space to move about. Because access is not time limited, it is up to you as the owner to decide how long your horse spends in the turnout.

The management of Pedicord Stables also provides general facilities maintenance such as dumpster services, water, and plowing and related services.